• Driving with the fuel level below the quarter mark leads to the fuel pump wearing off faster.
  • The fuel pump’s main goal is to supply petrol to the engine.
  • Signs of a failing pump includes: a stalling engine, a loss in power and decreased fuel efficiency.

There are two types of drivers, those who fill up the tank all the way to the top and those who only will up till about quarter.

When the tank is full, people are more inclined to switch on the aircon and other fuel-using luxuries.

Some people prefer to fill up at a specific service provider. The reasons for this vary between personal preference, good customer service and a quality product.

Keep it level

it is more beneficial to fill your tank once than it is to regularly top up with small amounts. Having too little fuel in your vehicle leads to premature failure of the petrol pump. If you constantly run your vehicle on low fuel levels, you can also put strain on the pump or making it hotter. This however proves to only be a risk if you do it constantly.

The worst thing you can do is wait for the fuel light to come on and then fill up with only a little fuel.

The fuel tank and pump are usually tucked away in the back of a vehicle, with lines running to and from the engine in a fuel-injected configuration.

When the fuel pump is failing the vehicle will most likely emit a warning, but sign of a failing pump may include, a stalling engine, decreased fuel efficiency and a loss of power.

There is also the risk that rust can also occur in older cars’ tanks over an extended period and start to fill your pipes and injectors leading to unwanted blockages.


Fuel is vital

A vehicle that did not benefit from a proper fuel pump and tank setup is the US’s Ford Pinto, where explosions occurred upon rear impact due to the fuel tank and system, which wasn’t designed properly, leading to numerous deaths and injuries during the 1970s.

Today vehicles are more fuel efficient than ever. Some models like the Mercedes-Benz or BMW even have efficiency modes. Making sure that your vehicle gets all the prescribed mechanical services will ensure that fuel usage is kept at a minimum. Fitting a vehicle with a bigger, free-flowing exhaust or any other performance tuning leads to an increase in fuel usage.

Adjusted article out of “Except for the obvious, here’s why it’s bad for your vehicle to have low fuel levels” by Robin Classen, published on 2 June 2021 in Wheels24.